Dynamic customer segmentation

Analisi anagrafiche e segmentazione

Dynamic customer segmentation

Company profile

The Need

The company was facing some reporting matters:

  • Laborious search and query of customer information and product data
  • Time-consuming export of data out of the system and processing on stand-alone spreadsheets
  • Need to develop a dynamic customer segmentation and a more effective reporting system (four classes of customers: active, direct, indirect and interested
  • Desire to consolidate data from different systems (CRM and ERP) to make better use of business data.

The Solution

A solution has been implemented on SAP HANA and SAP Lumira that allows:

  • View customer master data by B2B/B2C channel and business type
  • Analyse the customer database according to customised criteria
  • Take advantage of Cluster Analysis to segment customer groups in an advanced way
  • Provide users with “Bookmarks” that allow them to save and resume analysis at a later date.

The Benefits


  • Simplified customer analysis
  • Improved knowledge of customer clusters
  • Better targeting of marketing and sales processes.



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