KPI analysis and financial planning with SAC

KPI analysis and financial planning with SAC

Company Profile

The Need

The company needed to simplify the finance process characterized by a vicious circle. In fact, administrative users:

  • Researched information on SAP ECC and extracted accounting data
  • Processed the data on standalone spreadsheets to do financial planning
  • Uploaded the processed data and financial forecasts to ECC.

The Solution

We tailored a SAP Analytics Cloud solution which allows to:

  • Monitor economic and financial kpi in real time
  • Visualize by year the different versions of budget, planning and actual budgets
  • Modify financial/asset accounts within the Value Driver Tree Simulation and observe the possible impacts on the structure in the medium-long term
  • Simulate margins and profits within the Value Driver Tree
  • Access forecasting of economic projections with a maximum horizon of 5 years
  • Make changes to planning also on SAP ECC.

The Benefits


  • Reduced analysis time and increased timeliness in report submission/sharing
  • Increased efficiency in the financial planning process
  • More flexible financial planning to respond quickly and effectively to change
  • Increased awareness in decision making. 


Machinery & Components

Tech & Service

S/4 HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA


Controlling, Finance


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