Digitalisation of production datasheets

Digitalisation of production datasheets

Company profile

Multinational Company specialized in the development and production of writing instruments for promotional purposes. 


A long and successful manufacturing history can lead to a challenge in monitoring and handling efficient versioning of production datasheets. Non consistent versions resulted in lenghty and inefficient processes. In particular, production datasheets were created in pdf format by sales employees and modified by no-sales colleagues. Several versions of the same order  were created and printed, sometimes production workers wondered which paper sheet was the most up-to-date.

the solution

A single mobile solution based on SAP Fiori has enabled our customer to solve the problem. Today:

  • the sales department can Create interactive digital sheets
  • the production department can manage datasheets on the move, while in production.
  • Information and updates are instant, accessible, ubiquitous

 Past paper sheets have been digitized and indexed, so employees can easily recreate repeated orders.

the benefits

Operational benefits

  • Time savings in datasheets generation and update
  • Increases in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduction of credit notes due to incorrect manufacturing
  • Paperwork reduction 

Commercial benefits

  • Best in class firm response to new quotation
  • Increase in perceived service level and overall customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in complaints


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