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Big Data

Maximising data value, inside and outside the company

Data scientists break Big Data into four dimensions: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Volume refers to the quantity of data, Variety means data are often unstructured, Velocity requires real-time data analysis and Veracity stands for Truthfulness, often uncertain. Then we consider the Quality of data. 

Thanks to AI and Machine Learning we activate new ways of listening and interpreting large and different data sources.  We look at unstructured and structured data, transactional and documentary data, from Call Centers to perform sentiment analysis and identify customers’ interests. We are Netbase Partner and we listen to online conversations in social networks, social media, blogs and forums. 

We combine Operational Data and Experience Data to AI to open your way to the Cognitive Enterprise. We empower your business to take advantage of Big Data, as we believe big data are a real opportunity to explore competitive arenas and discover high margin micro-markets.

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