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AI and Machine Learning

Playing a strategic role in the new scenario

IDC research predicted incresing investiments in Artificial Intelligence. Companies are working on identify  opportunities in the new scenario where AI can play a strategic role.  But there is  no-one-size-fits-all solutions for AI. And there is a multitude of solutions relevant to Marketing, Sales and Service. For example, Machine Learning and Natural-Language Processing can help your business to analyse customer sentiment

Following are some functions which have the application of AI:

  • Sales: AI tools provide insights on customers and prospects, help prioritise high-converting leads, suggest immediate action on business opportunities and generate forecasts.     
  • Marketing: AI solutions suggest content based on real-time analysis of user behaviour. 
  • Customer Service: Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA)  reduces response times and allows clients to interact with your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Estilos data scientists design and implement AI solutions for your business systems. We are called alchemists, we  value latent information, we synthesize algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine LearningRecommendation and Predictive Analysis. Lastly AI-enhanced companies benefit from increased effectiveness of engagement, time to market reduction, content customisation, Customer Service excellence etc. 



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