Advanced Credit Management

Advanced Credit Management

Company Profile

The Need

The company was facing a few challenges related to Credit Management:
  • Develop a measurable strategy to assess the degree of credit deterioration and reduce the  high-exposure risks, especially in sectors with higher default risks;
  • Track the extent of relationships between Customer Service and Accounts Receivable in managing credit management activities;
  • Collect structured information on payment reminders and reminders to pay to build a historical database and identify patterns and clusters of customer behaviour in order to minimise the risk of debt exposure.

The Solution

We have designed and implemented a SAP to enable:
  • Centralised credit policy rules within the ERP
  • Mass processing of reminder proposals and generation of communications to customers through CRM activities (attachments generated by the ERP ).

  • Management of different procedures and levels of communications (reminders with different levels of escalation up to the letter of attorney)

  • Multi-channel management of communications: email, PEC

  • Questionnaire registration for dispute management and credit recovery activities (actions, responses, repayment plans, outcomes, etc.)

The Benefits

  • +10%  in credit recovered in the “commercial management” phase
  • Reduction of “Pre-legal” and “Legal” credit
  • Reduction of credit seniority by 15%

  • Construction of a historical series for predictive analysis



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