Fully manage and monitor production

Company profile

The Need

The company was facing some needs linked to the production process:

  • Optimize workers productivity and collection of information
  • Monitor in a timely way the progress of production
  • Start a process of adoption of Industry 4.0 tools to remain competitive

The Solution

We designed and implemented a tailor-made app based on SAP Fiori that enables to:

  • Collect information on production (time, quantities, rejected quantities, machine stops) in the department
  • Report machine stoppages and enter the probable cause
  • Speed up the collection of information on site
  • Automatically upload information in the ERP, making it available for analysis
  • Allow labels to be printed at the end of the process

The app was made available on tablets located in the production units.

The Benefits

  • Increased empowerment in the production team who is in charge of information collection
  • Real-time knowledge of production progress
  • Accurate data for time, efficiency and cost analysis (production records)
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency throughout the production process


International company specialized in the production of writing instruments, for promotional use and private use.
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