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est4fin – decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud

est4fin (estilos 4 finance) provides a fully interactive dynamic P&L with adaptive and easy-to-read dashboards where sales and operations can:

  • generate new scenarios
  • challenge ideas and validate future objectives
  • refine strategies

With est4fin, multiple what-ifs come together to measure future financial impacts of today’s available business choices.

This solution has been designed to address 4 elements of the “New Normal”:

  1. CFO’s role is changing from a “controlling” to an “enabling” function”, a sort of playmaker of today’s company data supporting business units and decision.
  2. Business complexity can be decoded faster thanks to the large amounts of data companies collect.
  3. B2B consumerization has made world markets interconnected and more competitive. Hence, companies need a more intelligent and contextual decision-making.
  4. Events like the recent pandemic outlined a clear need of budgeting, forecasting and impact measurement tools.

est4fin enables meaningful conversations and supports decisions:


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