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About Us


Estilos helps companies to adopt ICT strategies to support their sales, marketing and service processes. Our people own the necessary skills to shape the ‘customer experience’ and turn it on organization, technology and company culture.


Cultural changes cannot happen through new technological tools but need to be supported by new behaviours.


“Build your customer experience” has been always our pay-off and our inspiration


Estilos has chosen of being SAP partner because SAP according Estilos offers the best and most agile platform in the current market contest.



  • Customer Experience Engineering

    Our company helps businesses on projecting and organizing their digital strategies...

  • CRM Engine

    Innovative strategies and new communication channels need to be connected with processes and organization to find right answers and actions from the enterprise...

  • Social Media CRM

    Our fieldwork helps us to project with our clients properly strategies to integrate social media within business processes...

  • E-Commerce

    We believe that the customers buying process has to be experienced as an emotional journey...

  • Mobility

    We project and realise useful solutions throughout mobile devices...

  • Cloud

    We help societies to integrate part of their internal processes with external services offered in a cloud way...

  • Business Analytics

    We are able to simplify the information inside the firms preparing our clients to be reactive and proactive to the action...

  • Unified Communication & Collaboration

    Globalization and diffusion of new digital technologies have extremely changed the manner in which the firms work...

  • Big Data

    Analyzing the customer experience means to follow the tracks left from clients during their journey experiences...


Our experiences counts more than 35 projects nationals and internationals. Here you have some of them…


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Estilos believes that its employees are the main asset of which is based the success of projects and the satisfaction of its customers. Estilos is looking for people with a potential to grow within a young and dynamic environment, in the frame of projects related to strategy consulting and information technology (particularly on CRM and ERP ). We offer an adeguate package commensurate with the experiences and skills of the candidates. As well skills will be developped in innovative projects for leading companies in their respective industries. We require enthusiasm, involvement, desire to learn, attitude to teamwork and goal-oriented. It is required to be available to travel abroad. If you are interested in knowing better us please send your cv at: recruiting@estilos.it


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Here where you can find us

Italy – Headquarters

Via Ca’ Marcello, 67/D,

30172 Venezia Mestre (VE)


+39 041 8220413

+39 041 3963118

Estilos Suisse sagl

Via Cattori, 3

CH-6902 Paradiso


+41 79 9459019