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build your customer experience

Estilos helps your business manage the End-to-End Customer Experience, through AI and Data-Driven business processes.

Estilos activates the Cognitive Enterprise. We support operational and commercial processes feeding a single predictive intelligence.

Data-Driven processes for the Cognitive Enterprise

We are committed to end-to-end Customer Experience. We make data work and shape operational and commercial processes to build value for your customers. 


Benefit Dependency Network

We help firms building the business justification and shaping an organic path toward change.


Data visualization and Correlation analysis

We help you to discover and analyze data correlation reading data in innovative and simple ways.


Intelligent BOT

We use Conversational AI tools to create and train BOTs supporting business 24/7.



We aim to deliver an "Amazon like" experience in a B2B context. Our key ingredients are: SAP Commerce platform, SAP CPQ and Variant Configurator.


Transform your business into a Cognitive Enterprise

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Building satisfactory customer journeys means going through all business processes and always provide the customer with meaningful value.
AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

Companies are working on identify  opportunities in the new scenario where AI can play a strategic role.  But there is  no-one-size-fits-all solutions for AI. And there are a multitude of solutions relevant to Marketing, Sales and After Sales Services.
Cognitive Enterprise

Cognitive Enterprise

Companies shoudn't be only intelligent. Companies must evolve in Cognitive Enterprise to encourage innovation and deliver valuable experiences.


The following brands have choosen Estilos as their partner
in CX, Analytics and Operations.

our work

Case Studies

Read how Estilos Data Scientists and Consultants introduce AI into real business processes. And find out how we create awesome Customer Experience.


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